Richway Care Program Policy

The Richway care program is a new program intended to provide convenient warranty services to BioMat and Bio-Belt users. We understand that with long term use, products can take its wear and tear and can get damaged. Repacking and shipping a broken mat can be inconvenient and expensive to ship in for repair. The Richway care program makes it possible to provide the best service at a simple and affordable price.
How to send your BioMat in for repair or replacement through the new Richway Care Program. Richway and Fuji Bio Inc. extended warranty option. A great way to get a new BioMat for a fraction of the cost to replace your broken down one.
Richway BioMat Care program items are not elegible for trade in. Once a product has been replaced through the Richway care program, the warranty associated with the origial product will be void. Customers are responsible for disposing of the mat portion of the Biomat and BioBelt products according to their state or provincial local regulations.

Richway Care Program
Agreement Form

Richway Care program agreement form available for download here. Fill in this form and send it to Richway and Fuji Bio Inc to participate in their customer care program.