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What is a RICHWAY Alkal-Life 7000sL

Ionized Water System?

Richway Alkal-life water system has a soft touch performance system- remarkable design lends additional beauty to your kitchen- A healthy life begins with an antioxidant water system
Water ionizer system by richway. Richway Alkal-life 7000dsL the most advanced water purification and ionizing system in the world. The effectiveness of ionized water depends on the cluster. Smaller clusters are rapidly absorbed deep into the cells and produce strong cellular activity. The size of the water molecules has been minimized to 50.076 Hz thanks to the technologic al. apability that only the alkal-life 7000sL possesses
Alkal-Life Water= optimal health- The five ingredients to optimal health with alkal-life water- anti oxidizing a powerful antioxidant- Alkalizing action- Detoxifying and cleaning= hydrating super hydration- balancing bring your body back in balance for optimal health
Alkaline ionized water for an ion balanced body- Fountain of youth, say no to fatigue, reduce waste and heal the planet
acidic water & life- Ion balance for the exterior body, acidic ionized water for the exterior of the body. skin care action with pore refining and cleaning action it is beneficial for the face washing and bathing. Effective cleaning action whitening action with cholrine ions effectively cleans your skin. For clear, clean skin and for a pure lifestyle