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Many of our customers have seeked out medical insurance to cover the costs of their BioMat purchase. Have medical insurance or FSA account? BioMat Canada offers full support services to assist you in getting your BioMat covered.

Have Medical Insurance Or FSA Account To Cover Costs Of A BioMat?

Our Richway representatives are available to guide you through the insurance application process. It is no guarantee that all claims submitted will be approved, due to the variety of plans and benefits available. You are under no obligation to purchase if your claim is denied.


Approximately 90% of auto and workers compensation insurance companies will approve the BioMat and Bio-Pillow after an auto or work-related accident in particular for pain management and circulation. We do encourage you to apply with us here. 


Filling in this form you are giving us consent to provide you with a pro forma invoice to submit to your Insurance Company. We do not share your information with any third party or use any of your information for any other purpose than for the pro forma invoice. Any questions or concerns please contact us direct at

Are you a health care practitioner wanting to utilize the BioMat in your spa or clinic and bill Insurance for the services rendered? Learn more here

Fill in the form to see if your insurance Company will cover the costs of your BioMat

We will provide a pro forma and billing codes to submit to your Insurer

Thanks for submitting

You will hear from us shortly

BioMat Billing Codes- Auto and workman's comp insurance approval procedures for your BioMat. Follow these procedures when seeking insurance company approval for the BioMat and Amethyst pillow to be used for therapy after an auto accident or for Workers Compensation. Approximately 90% of auto and workman's compensation insurance companies will approve the BioMat and pillow after an auto or work related accident. apply here to find out if you qualify.

Health Canada License #100137

Medical, Auto or workman's compensation insurance approval procedure- types of insurance claims that are being paid- PIP, Workman's Comp- Flexible Medical- Check with your insurance p rovider to find out your elegibility for medical equipment covdrage to see if they will cover full or partial payment of the cost of the prescribed medical devices such as the BioMat 7000sL all sizes, alkal-life water system, BioPillow, BioBelt. For your benefit information, you will need to contact your insurance company, human resources representative or health plan administrator directly. The telephone number can usually be found on the back of the patient's ID card. People are having success with better partial or full coverage with insurance providers who are part of the multi plan or PHCS networks

BioMat 7000sL (all sizes)

Health Canada License #100137

Billing codes for insurance forms- 510K No: K072534, HCPCS code: E0221, FDA Medical Device EST. Number: 2954299, Non participating provider number: 22852-8, BioMat FDA medical device code: 890.5740, CRT Code: 22852-8 Part # 943277834, Medical Equipment Code: 99070. Patient follows up with insurance company regarding approval status

Health Canada License #100137

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