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BioMat Canada offers an exclusive business opportunity whereby if you refer a customer who then makes a purchase, BioMat Canada will either pay out cash or apply credit towards a new product purchase. Get your BioMat Canada affiliate refferal code so you can start earning commissions sharing the BioMat products with others.

BioMat Canada's Exclusive Customer Referral Program

Richway, the manufacturer of the Infrared Amethyst BioMat, offers a superb distributor opportunity for those individuals who want to market the BioMat and grow a business. This is a great option for practitioners using the BioMat in their clinics, or entrepreneurial types who see the value in the Richway BioMat health products and the opportunity it presents. We offer full support to all of our customers who want to become distributors and have over 15 years experience with the products and the Richway compensation plan. Learn More Here

For those people that don't want to become a distributor, but love to share the BioMat with their family, friends and colleagues, we offer a program for you too. When you refer a new customer our way who makes a purchase, we pay you 5-10% referral commission based on sales volume plus bonuses when you reach a sales volume of $6500USD. Payouts are in currency to which Country you reside and you have the option to be paid cash or use the credit towards the purchase of a new product. The best way to save money for a BioMat, is to earn the money by sharing our website here and sharing your own experience with the BioMat. 

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for BioMat Canada and earn referral commissions, please fill in the contact form below and we will provide you with an affiliate number for your referrals to use so that we can compensate you. Thank you for your interest and for sharing!

BioMat Canada Affiliate Program

Thank you for submitting! Please check your inbox for your affiliate information package and unique referral code. We look forward to working with you.

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