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Richway offers a binary compensation plan model so everyone can have success sharing the BioMat products and earning an income. Richway compensation plan is a very generous payout and residual income potential. Richway offers a superb business opportunity. Work anywhere in the World.

Richway Compensation Plan


Unique and lucrative plan- How to create passive income

BEcome a distributor with Richway and enjoy the many financial benefits and rewards Commissions and bonuses can be earned on every sale. Join Team BioMat Canada today

Richway & Fuji Bio

Achievement Levels

A thrill of hope. Richway and fuji bio achievement levels. As your business grows, you will start earning even greater rewards, increasing your passive income and securing your future

Richway & Fuji Bio

Binary Compensation Structure

Richway compensation structure. The binary compensation structure is an organization model used in multi level marketing. This marketing structure consists of Business centers that each have a left and right leg.

Have Questions?

We are happy to answer all your questions regarding becoming a distributor (ISA) for Richway & Fuji Bio Inc. 

Every person who joins our team, is offered unlimited support so that you can fast track to success and create a passive income you and your loved ones can continue to benefit from. 

We guarantee when you join the BioMat Canada sales team, you will have all the same resources we have compiled and used to network and grow our own business with the Richway BioMat health products. 

We go out of our way to help all of our distributors by helping place orders, place sales so you can maximize your earnings and benefit from the bonuses and other perks offered through the binary compensation plan. 

And that's not all. We will also support and assist all of your customers and distributors you have join under your team as well.

Download Complete Compensation Plan Here

Download a copy of Richway's complete compensation plan program. A unique and lucrative plan. How to create passive income.

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