BioMat User Guidelines

How to make the best use of your BioMat therapy sessions

Choose a nice, quiet cool room as the ideal location to have your BioMat session. You could choose to lye your BioMat on a bed, massage table or the floor as long as the BioMat is on a flat surface. On top of your bed with a bit of give is perfectly fine and will not damage your BioMat. The Mini BioMats work best on all types of chairs including recliners, zero gravity therapy chairs and office chairs.  The mini BioMat can also be used when traveling in a car or as a piece of luggage on an airplane. Many of our customers use the mini BioMat to sandwich themselves between a larger size bio mat like the  Professional BioMat , to promote detoxification through perspiration and immune system enhancement by raising the core temperature of the internal body. 

After choosing your location, lay the BioMat on the flat surface, crystals facing up with the complimentary quilted 100% cotton padded cover on top as it will provide a bit of cushion and will only enhance the BioMat therapy with it's anti-bacterial and reflective properties. It is washable and it is recommended washing in cold water only with a natural laundry detergent and then hung to dry to avoid shrinkage. Additionally, you can place a sheet, comforter, sheepskin, or featherbed on top of the BioMat to make it more comfortable, but we recommend the new Quantum Energy Pad for a softer and cozy experience. We also recommend the Germanium Power Pad 187 to enhance your therapy further and protect your BioMat from liquids. And let's not forget the  vibration massage therapy offered by the BioAcoustic Mat.

Connect the BioMat unit to the cord provided and then plug the control box into the wall, preferably keeping it away from your head and on a table or the floor where it will not fall or get damaged. The aromatherapy controller stand makes a nice accessory to ensure your controller is kept safe and easy to access. Learn more about the Aromatherapy BioMat Controller Stand. The professional BioMat has two power switches. Turn on the master switch located on the side of the control box and then the power switch on the front of the control box. The mini BioMat has one switch on the front of the control box. The queen and king size BioMats have the option of selecting different settings on the left and right side of the bed. Press power on and select what setting you’d like by pressing the buttons with the arrows.

Professional/Single BioMat EMF Block Digital Controller

Mini BioMat EMF Block Digital Controller

A timer on the controller allows you to select how many hours you want the BioMat to be turned on for. There is no need to wait for the BioMat to heat up. It will warm up more effectively once you are touching the BioMat. The red negative ion lights will blink on and off. These lights are not illuminated all the time. Your BioMat is still working perfectly even when they are off. If the green EMI light is not illuminated or the alarm light comes on, make sure the connection to your BioMat is secure as well as the plug to the wall and you could also try flipping the plug in the wall.  If you have any problems, please contact us for product support.

The Richway BioBelt User Manual- Read this manual before using the Biobelt to ensure you are using it correctly and safely
The Richway BioAcoustic Mat User Manual- Vibro Acoustic Therapy System- Sleep, relax, renew, energize

Watch the video below for a short demonstration of how to set up your BioMat

Please note, the waterproof cover in the video has been replaced by the Germanium Power Pad 187

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