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We are happy to answer our most frequently asked questions about the Richway BioMat health products. We have combined over the years our most top asked questions. Learn all about the Richway BioMat products here and read the BioMat reviews on our website

Our Most Frequently Asked

Questions About The BioMat

What is a BioMat and how can it benefit my health?

The BioMat is an FDA/Health Canada licensed medical device that emits far infrared and negative ions. Infrared radiation (IR), or infrared light, is a type of radiant energy that's invisible to human eyes, but that we can feel as heat. Infrared therapy enhances and improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body. It can bring oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing and it can ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress. Negative ions are molecules floating in the air or atmosphere that have been charged with electricity. Negative ions exist in nature in tons of places, including: ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. discharges of electricity in the air after a thunderclap or lightning strike. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

How long can you lye on the BioMat? Can you sleep on a BioMat?

You can lye on the BioMat for as many hours as you like, but on the low temperature setting so as to not disrupt your sleep cycle. We have found that 95°F is best when using the BioMat overnight. When using the BioMat during the day the temperature can be also be used on low for relaxation, at mid temperature range for those that like the BioMat a bit warmer or used on high infrared sauna heat to sweat, detoxify and raise core body temperature to enhance immunity. User guide found here (setting up your biomat).

What is the difference between the BioMat Mini and the BioMat Professional Size?

The Mini BioMat is great for ease of portability and versatility. It can be used for travel, on a recliner chair or office chair, you can lye on the Mini BioMat or lye it on top of your body. The BioMat mini contains crushed amethyst and tourmaline whereas the BioMat Professional, Single, Queen and King sizes have crushed Amethyst and a layer within the mat that has the tourmaline referred to as the "Toca Catch Layer". The Professional BioMat is both wider and longer than the mini bio mat making the professional BioMat a great choice if one would like to use it on a massage table, couch, bed or any flat surface and experience the full body therapy. The Professional BioMat also has more crystals, greater output and because more areas of the body are in direct contact with the BioMat, it tends to offer a greater therapeutic benefit. Both sizes are great to own and if you can afford both, we highly recommend it. 

How much does a BioMat cost?  Am I charged in CDN or USD? What forms of payment are accepted?

The Biomat's range in price depending on the size. All models are 7000mx. View our products page with prices here. Prices are in USD unless otherwise posted. If shipping to Canada, you will be required to pay CDN Provincial Sales Tax/ No duty on BioMats only. We accept all major credit cards and paypal on our consignment and inventory items. 

What's the difference between an Amethyst infrared BioMat and an infrared sauna?

The BioMat is portable, versatile, more functional, comfortable, less expensive and offers not only infrared therapy, but negative ion and crystal therapy from the Amethyst and Tourmaline used in the BioMat. We have never had a customer regret purchasing a BioMat over an infrared sauna. There are many advantages to having a BioMat versus an infrared sauna. Learn more here. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing or discounts?  Is there a way I can earn my BioMat?

BioMat Canada is a leader in the industry and as a result has gained the status of a "Royal Family Member" for Richway and Fuji Bio Science. Richway is the manufacturer of the BioMat and therefore sets the pricing that all distributors must abide by. Richway does not offer wholesale options in North America. Richway does offer a professional discount on the professional size BioMat with proof of certification, and they offer seasonal promotions throughout the year. Richway also offers a superb distributorship opportunity and a generous compensation plan. Work from home or incorporate into an existing business, the BioMat is easy to share and build a business. Distributors have the opportunity to receive free products, car allowance, office rental allowance, binary bonus payouts and more. And for those that are not interested in the business but do love our BioMats and share with family and friends, BioMat Canada offers a superb customer referral program as an option, where we pay cash or apply credit towards a product purchase. Other ways our customers can save money is by purchasing a demo BioMat or a BioMat from our consignment store

Will I have to pay duty on the BioMat or any other products?

There is no duty on the BioMat for Canadians, as it is a registered medical device. However, Canadians can expect to pay tax on delivery and not at time of purchase. Tax is based on the value in CDN$ as it crosses customs and charged at the customer's Provincial tax rate. Ie. B.C. 12%, Alberta & Saskatchewan 5%, Ontario 13%, Quebec 15% etc...

There is both duty and tax charged at time of delivery on all other products and accessories that are not listed as a medical device. 

How are the BioMats shipped and how long does it take for delivery?

All regular BioMat purchases are shipped via UPS and typically takes 10-14 days from date of order, to receive your BioMat products. Expedited shipping is available for an extra charge, but only within the USA. Expedited shipping is not available for Canada at this time. When your order is processed (1 day for processing) it is shipped out the next business day and you will be provided with a tracking notice from UPS so you can track your shipment. If the BioMat is shipping to Canada, once the shipment has crossed customs, the taxes will be calculated and can then be paid by phone using the tracking number provided. You will want to use UPS as the broker, and they charge $10USD for this service. This is added to the tax invoice. There is no duty on the BioMats as they are classified as a type 2 medical device.

Does the BioMat emit EMF? Is it the same as an electric blanket?

Since the BioMat is an electrical device unlike an electric blanket that heats only the surface of the skin, Richway research and development team has incorporated features into the control box and the layers of the mats that block 100% of the harmful EMF caused by electricity. Within the control box of the BioMat 7000mx advanced integrated circuit (IC) chips provide EMF protection by converting the AC into DC. In the mattress pad of the BioMat 4 of the 17 bio tech layers have been incorporated for their ability to block electromagnetic currents. As a result EMF's are blocked making the BioMat safe, even for people who are electromagnetic sensitive. EMF Test Results

Can you put something on top of the BioMat for added cushion? 

We suggest using only the cotton cover that is provided or the Germanium Power Pad, both designed to protect the BioMat and disperse the heat evenly. If you feel the need to add more to cushion the BioMat, we recommend the cozy comfortable Quantum Energy Pad specifically designed for our BioMats, as they will not impede the infrared and negative ion properties of the BioMat.

What setting should I use the BioMat on as a first time user? When should I use the BioMat on the highest heat settings?

The lowest settings are recommended for first time users. It is good to gauge how warm would be enjoyable and select your settings accordingly. Just power on is only negative ions, which can have a cooling effect. As you select higher settings you are choosing how much far infrared warmth you’d enjoy. The high red settings are the sauna setting. Often used to detoxify and sweat. We recommend enhancing your BioMat therapy with Detoxi Salts when using the BioMat at the infrared sauna temperatures to restore minerals and maintain electrolyte balance. 

What is the best infrared heating pad?

There are many infrared products on the market today, but the Richway Amethyst Infrared BioMat is by far the leader in the industry. The Richway BioMat is a patented medical device and all other knock offs have shown to be ineffective and cheap versions of the original BioMat. The only infrared BioMat to invest in is the Richway Amethyst BioMat, your satisfaction is our personal guarantee. Enjoy our 7 day risk free trial to experience the BioMat for yourself. Return for a full purchase refund less shipping costs if you are not completely satisfied for any reason. Or check out our demo centre directory to see if there is a demo centre near you.

How long does it take for a BioMat to heat up?

The BioMat starts working as soon as you turn it on and lye on it, but to reach the highest temperature settings can take 45 min - 60 min. Over time you may find it takes less time to heat up once broken in. The safety feature is nice as it will bring the temperature down to the 2nd heat setting after 4 hours and turn off completely once the timer runs out. The timer can be set for 2, 4, 8 and 12 hours. Visit our users guide for ideas on "how to set up your BioMat" page. 

How long has the BioMat been in use? Where is it manufactured?

The BioMat has been in use since 1997, NASA had the technology patented since the 1960′s and it became public domain in 1997. A similar device that was not easy to use was $500,000 and sold only to cancer institutes. Now we can have this FDA and Health Canada approved medical device in our homes for pennies a day. The BioMat is manufactured in South Korea under strict quality control so you can be assured you are getting the best product for your money. 

When was the last time the BioMat was upgraded and what is the difference between the 3000mx and  7000mx model?

The BioMat 3000mx was improved upon in November 2012 and is now referred to as the Amethyst BioMat 7000mx. The upgrades include: a powerful new layer that provides strong negative ions and magnetic reaction – the TOCA layer (Tourmaline Catch power). This additional layer provides a much greater output of negative ions produced within the BioMat by 300 ions per cubic centimetre. The BioMat 7000mx now contains two patented layers. The peach and grape seed layer providing additional natural infrared output. The controllers were upgraded to a more sleek modern functional design and improved durability. The travel/storage cases were also upgraded to a hard shell purple case on wheels for the professional size and hard shell carry case for the mini.  Learn more

Is the BioMat safe to use with children or animals (pets)? 

Yes, animals love the BioMat. If they are going to be on it for long periods of time, be sure to keep the temperature settings on low, as it can be difficult to monitor their hydration on the higher levels. If you are using it therapeutically for an animal and want them to be on the higher settings, consider using an oral syringe to get extra water into them during the process. The BioMat is also safe for children, but not necessarily infants as they cannot regulate their temperature that well yet so there is risk of overheating. When using with children, just like with pets, use on the low settings only and under direct supervision. We also recommend the BioPillow to keep the head cool. 

Can the BioMat be combined with other healing treatments/therapies and with other devices? 

The BioMat compliments many other modalities often enhancing the therapy as the BioMat allows for deep relaxation. Receiving a massage on the BioMat is simply out of this world and highly recommended. The problem is once you have had a massage on a BioMat, you will never want a massage again without it. The BioMat is also a great compliment to rolfing, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, during a spa treatment, dentistry, energy healing, reiki, pain clinic, etc We often get asked if the BioMat can be used with other mats such as PEMF or Beemer. We do not advise using the BioMat with any other mat than the BioAcoustic Mat.  Combining the powerful properties of both these products, has been found to offer a complete home or professional therapy package. 

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