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Richway and Fuji Bio offers a superb new distributor promotion whereby on your first 60 days you will receive the highest paid commissions and bonuses offered through the Richway compensation plan. Enjoy financial freedom distributing the Biomat health products. Work with BioMat Canada team to build success. Richway offers a new distributor promotion. Ice breaker bonus, sponsor 2 gold bonus, car allowance, office rental allowance

Richway & Fuji Bio

New Distributor (ISA) Bonuses

Ice Breaker Bonus

There is no better way to experience A THRILL OF HOPE than to earn the most compensation from the get-go. During your first 365 days, receive 20% in Sales Commission and 20% in Product Certificates on all Personal Business Volume.

Fast Success Bonus

Earn more when you fly up the ranks! Start receiving additional bonuses and PCs when you reach Gold, Emerald, or Diamond Executive level within the first 90 days of joining

Gold Executive ISA- Receive up to $2,100 in Fast Success Bonuses and $2,100 Fast Success PCs

Emerald Executive ISA- Receive up $4,000 in Fast Success Bonuses and $4,000 Fast Success PCs

Diamond Executive ISA - Receive up to $6,000 in Fast Success Bonuses and $6,000 Fast Success PCs

Making 2 Gold Bonus: (Making 2 Gold within 90 days then you can get an additional $10,000)

Achievement Level Bonus

Gold Executive ISA – Receive a $400 PC

Emerald Executive ISA – Receive a $800 PC

Diamond executive ISA– Receive a $1,200 PC

Royal Family ISA – Receive a $1,600 PC

Join Team BioMat Canada Today!

Contact Your Richway Canadian BioMat Representative (Christina) To Get Started

Let's Build And Grow Together
Join BioMat team Canada as they offer full support services to build your BioMat business and services. BioMat Canada, is the leader in the industry and the best bio mat distributor in all of Canada. Become a distributor with BioMat Canada and enjoy a lucrative business opportunity
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