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The infrared produced by the BioMat works with the bodies natural infrared to heal the most complicated health issues. Enjoy the infrared ray spectrum of the sun and enjoy the many health benefits as a result.

Infrared BioMat Versus Infrared Sauna
Which One Is Right For You?

Some Of The Advantages Of The Richway Infrared Crystal BioMat 
Over An Infrared Sauna Include...

Save Space

The BioMat can fold away into a closet, unlike the space commitment needed to install a sauna in your home


You can easily travel with a BioMat. Mini BioMat and Professional models come with handy travel cases


You can deeply relax when you are lying down or reclining on the BioMat. The chair model can give you a treatment at your desk or while driving

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is not necessary as the FIR and Negative Ions sanitize the BioMat


You can even sleep on the BioMat! And since it can be stationed in your bed, it can be easier to incorporate into your lifestyle


The BioMat has eight different temperature levels as well as the Sauna level to offer a wide range of therapeutic choices

Save Money:

The BioMat is less expensive and uses significantly less power, saving you money on your electric bill.

Registered Medical Device

The BioMat is an FDA and Health Canada licensed medical device

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