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BioMat Canada demo centre program is a great way to try a BioMat prior to making a purchase. BioMat Canada provides demo centres across Canada and are growing everyday to offer more trial centres. This service is offered exclusively through BioMat Canada.

BioMat Canada's Demo Centre Program

Richway the manufacturer of the BioMat, offers a 7 DAY RISK FREE TRIAL PERIOD on all new purchases, to have the opportunity to try the BioMat from the comforts of your own home, at your spa or clinic etc... to see if the BioMat is the right fit. After the 7 day trial period, if you are not completely satisfied, you can return your BioMat product, no questions asked, for a full purchase refund (less shipping costs). Learn More Here


We realize that the BioMat is a big investment and over the years we have been asked by many if there are options to rent or demo a BioMat prior to purchasing. So as a result we created our demo centre program to meet the needs of potential customers and to network with those that own a BioMat already to offer this service and gain new referrals for their existing business.  Demos and rentals are a great way to earn $$$ off your own BioMat investment, especially for those individuals that are already offering health related services and offer the BioMat as part of their services. 

Criteria To Become A Designated

Demo Centre For BioMat Canada

  • Own a BioMat (Professional Or Mini)- The more products you have, the greater potential to earn income off demos and rentals

  • Have a professional clean space for customers to come for their trial session (an existing business/ clinic / spa is ideal) If you don't have a space, we will also consider mobile services

  • Offer our referrals a $25 trial on a BioMat. The hour includes set up, pre and post session clean up. Actual time spent in session 45 min. 

  • Offer the demos in a timely manner (make contact with new referral as it's received and follow up if customer hasn't responded back after a day)

  • Arrange the demo with the referral ie. time, place.

  • Provide us with any feedback about the referral and their experience on the BioMat.

  • If the referral purchases a BioMat, we will share a 5% commission with you and if you are a distributor, with us, the sale will go under your business centre for the binary bonus points and to help grow your BioMat business network.

  • Be willing, if you have a website, to put a link back to our site here so we can network together

The yearly fee to be a designated trial provider is $120USD, renewed yearly. This fee guarantees you exclusive rights for demo referrals from BioMat Canada, in your designated area. Although exclusivity is guaranteed, there is no guarantee how many customers are referred. The fee also gives you a year of advertising your business and services in our Demo Centre directory on this website where we get thousands of visitors daily. You will also have access to some of our greatest resources and discounted products for demo purposes to help you grow your business. Your fee covers some advertising costs so we can spend more bringing in customers and new referrals. You can have a space to put a logo and a line or two of writing, along with contact information and a link to your website. 

To register as a designated trial provider and have an advertising spot in our directory please fill in the form below. Thank you and we look forward to connecting with you and growing our business together. 

BioMat Canada

Demo Centre Application

List the products you have availabe for demos
Upload Your Demo Centre Pics
Upload Demo Centre Pic

To access our Demo Center Program, there is yearly membership fee of $120USD. The fee also includes a free business listing in our online directory located on this website and viewed by thousands of people daily. 

 Please allow 2-3 business days to process your application. Thank you for your business. We look forward to working with you and in sharing these amazing health products

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly

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