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Richway BioMat Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow

Natural Infrared Rays And Negative Ions
Canadians pay tax & duty at time of delivery

The Richway BioMat pillow provides our users with additional crystal therapy, without heating the head. The removable cover in the BioPillow can also be used as a knee wrap, on the neck or around the shoulder. Basically wherever you need additional therapy, the BioMat pillow cover is a great accessory to use with the BioMat products.
I love using the BioPillow for my neck as it supports it in a great position so I can avoid that dreaded neck pain from sleeping in the wrong position. The BioPillow like the BioMats are versatile, portable and complimentary to any healing practice

Good Sleep

Get a good night's sleep with an amethyst and tourmaline pillow

Better quality elastic memory foam, 100% cotton cover, natural amethyst and natural tourmaline

The Elastic Polyurethane Memory Foam Pillow was originally developed for NASA. This space age memory foam is ultra responsive and conforms to your head and neck to ensure an anatomically supportive sleep posture. The therapeutic shape provides additional support for your neck while comfortably cradling your head. The luxurious amethyst and tourmaline cover will naturally generate infrared rays. The cover can be easily removed for cleaning.

And while we are on the topic of sleep, do yourself a favour and check out the amazing BioAcoustic Mat. It offers a healing vibrational massage and enhances the infrared and negative ions from the BioMat. The BioAcoustic mat has a sleep therapy setting that will blow your mind! Even if you don't have sleep challenges, the BioAcoustic mat can be enjoyed by anyone. 

The powerful combination of the Vibro Acoustics of the BioAcoustic Mat and the infrared and negative ions in the Amethyst and tourmaline crystal infrared and negative ion bio mat offers a truly amazing healing experience on all levels. Demo the bio mat and bioacoustic mat at one of BioMat Canada's demo centres.

How the Bio Mat Pillow Works

Natural infrared rays are generated from the amethyst and tourmaline gemstones. These rays will comfort you as you use the Biomat. The Amethyst Pillow was designed to keep your head cool during long sessions on the Biomat. The alternating channels of amethyst and tourmaline allow air to flow while you fall into a deep sleep. Amethyst has been used for centuries because of the power of the Earth's energies that have been absorbed by these sacred objects. In turn, they inherit vital healing powers. Amethyst, as a healing stone, is believed to have sobering and calming qualities. This stone is commonly associated with peace. It has been deemed “nature’s tranquilizer” by many healers because of its effectiveness in relaxing the mind. Besides being a stone of tranquility and repose, Amethyst is also believed to enhance mental strength, stability, and vigor.

BioMat Pillow to keep your head cool while you enjoy a thermotherapy session on the Amethst infrared BioMat. Amethyst Pillow offers the best quality amethyst. the safest energy source. This wonderful feeling is a dream come true. Naturally produced infrared rays from amethyst and tourmaline will leave you feeling revitalized. Memory foam pillow, open cell structure
Join many of our customers using the BioMat and the complimentary BioPillow to keep the head cool and in a good ergonomic position. The natural infrared and negative ion properties of the Amethyst and tourmaline crystals offer a complete therapy session. The removable cover on the BioPillow can act like a wrap to use around the neck, shoulders, or knees. Heat the BioPillow cover on the BioMat to create friction and even greater natural output of infrared and negative ions to benefit from. Enhance your BioMat therapy sessions with the BioMat crystal pillow.

Natural Infrared Rays Are The Safest Energy Source

Amethyst crystals in the BioMat pillow naturally emit far infrared and negative ions for a holistic BioMat therapy session.

Since ancient times, Amethyst has been universally accepted as the healing crystal. There are a number of ways to incorporate it into a healing practice. Amethyst is a crystal that is believed to purify the body and align the chakras. By transforming energies on all levels, Amethyst also is believed to have the ability to balance and stabilize energies located within certain areas. The benefit of using a crystal lies in the healer being able to “detach” him or herself from the healing process. The healer assigns the healing channel to the crystal, which frees the healer from involvement in the process. The healing process then becomes: universal energy > the Amethyst > the recipient. Notice that the healer and the ego are not part of the process. The healer is able to carry on with a healing session acting solely as the channel. The ego has less opportunity to take the credit for itself, because the healing channel has been assigned to the Amethyst by the healer.

Pure quartz amethyst. The powerful healing crystal in the amazing one of a kind Amethyst infrared and negative ion BioMat.
Infrared ray is within the spectrum of the sun's rays. Infrared rays can be short wave, middle wave and long wave which are absorbing wave .8-14 micron. Infrared is a light healing light ray that benefits our health in many ways. It's soothing warmth helps us relax and unwind,restore from the stresses of life.

Restore Your Health & Beauty

Amethyst healing has been associated with an art and practice, done on a metaphysical level that has been rediscovered because of the power of the Earth’s energies that have been absorbed by these sacred objects. In turn, they inherit vital healing powers. Some believe that amethyst has physical, spiritual, calming and zodiacal powers that can be used to calm the mind, body and spirit. Amethyst has come to be known as a power crystal associated with prolific healing powers that can be characterized as purifying, pacifying and transitional. Amethyst has the ability to transform lower energies into higher ones, and acts as a healer on all levels of mind, body and spirit. The healing powers of Amethyst date back as far as the ancient Greeks who believed that Amethyst protected a person from the intoxicating effects of alcohol. The word “Amethyst” is of Greek origin, and is translated as - “Amethystus” intoxicated (“-methystos” from “methyein” or intoxicated, “methy” = wine).

The  infrared properties in the BioPillow was originally developed for NASA. Richway and fuji bio uses this technology to generate infrared rays in the Infrared BioMat.


Tourmalines are abundant, complex boron and aluminum silicate minerals of variable composition.
Tourmaline comes in a wide range of colors, depending on its mineral composition. Black is the most common. Colors can vary from clear, to pink, rosy red, yellow, honey, green, blue, violet, brown and black. Some crystals are pink at one end and green at the other. Concentric color zoning often occurs as well. The colored varieties, when transparent and flawless, are cut as gems. In addition to its use as a gem, tourmaline is employed in pressure devices because of its piezoelectric properties. Tourmaline forms slender, 3-, 6-, or 9-sided prismatic crystals (hexagonal system) in parallel or radiating groups, which causes it to develop an electrical charge when heated or deformed. Pieces cut perpendicular to the long axis can polarize light, and a pair of these plates form a very simple polarizing apparatus known as tourmaline tongs.

Premium Quality Chunky Ametrine & Natural Black Tourmaline. Both Amethyst and Tourmaline are used in Richway's crystal BioMat as they have been found to emit natural infrared rays and negative ions for better health.
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