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Richway Detoxi

Heated 9 Times At 3000°F Superior Quality Ionized Salt

$120usd (1 bottle) - $280usd (3 bottles) + FREE SHIPPING 

Richway Detoxi Salts to complement thermo therapy heat sessions on the Amethyst infrared BioMat. Keep your electrolyte balanced when sweating on the BioMat.

The human body maintains 0.9% salinity, which is associated with a state of health. Detoxi is ionized and fully absorbed into the body, maintaining healthy cells and keeping you hydrated during thermotherapy sessions.

People all around the world are benefiting from thermo therapy on the BioMat in combination with the detoxi salts for balancing the electrolytes in the body lost through sweat.

Evolution of Detoxi

Detoxi salt is made by using an ancient process that originated thirteen hundred years ago from a Buddhist temple in Korea. Natural sun-dried sea salt is packed inside hollow sections of 3 year old bamboo with pure yellow ochre and heated 9 times at 3000°F. The extreme heat eliminates toxins and chemicals and produces a unique grade of salt that contains numerous essential minerals and micronutrients such as magnesium, and potassium.

Detoxi has high levels of phosphorus, zinc, and ionized hydrogen. A study by the Pusan National University concluded that Bamboo salt heated 9 times is different than ordinary salt and has alkaline properties with more Oxygen Hydrogen groups and anti-oxidant activity.(1) Detoxi supports our bodies without side effects and can be used along with other health food products.

Detoxi manufacturing process- Actual production picture- Natural sun dried sea salt is heated 9 ties at 3000 degrees Faranheit resulting in salt that is relatively free from impurities. Heated at over 3000 degrees F in the salt blast furnace, maintained in a liquid state up to 9 times, the clean and pure upper layer is extracted, product is safely film wrapped after decomposition to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals

ph and Osmosis Balance

Everything needs balance and that includes our bodies. One way to make sure we stay healthy is to make sure our body is neither too alkaline nor acidic. Our body requires osmotic balance for life, without it we would die. The body naturally regulates our internal systems so that they are stable and remain relatively constant. This process is called homeostasis. Body acidity can increase when someone consumes or produces more acidic compounds and the body fails to eliminate them. The same goes for alkaline compounds. So the body is always playing a balancing act to keep us healthy.

Richway Detoxi- O.R.P. -420- Oxidation reduction potential measures a molecular charge and its ability to oxidize or reduce oxidation. It determines what's an oxidant or an anti oxidant. Oxidation is the decay that we see when metal starts to rust or a banana begins to turn brown. In water, lower pH has a positive ORP and is an oxidant. Higher pH has a negative ORP and has the ability to be an anti-oxidant. The greater the number the stronger it is. Drinking water with a negative ORP is healthier becaus eof its anti-oxidant ability to "fight free" radicals within the body. Iron and oxidation

Features of Detoxi Ionized Salt

The difference between detoxi and ordinary salt- Salt is not merely a seasoning, but a necessary mineral. Long term inadequate salt intake can cause general body weakness, dizziness, edema, muscle spasm, dehydration, and heart problems, amongst other problems that are medically related to salt depletion. Prvent salt depletion by understanding the difference between detoxi and ordinary salt. Ionized salt is called Detoxi

Alkal-Life Water Benefits

For You & The Environment

The American diet is extremely acidic and acidity in the body is related to disease. The acid environment does not cause disease, but it creates an environment where disease thrives. As the acid condition of the body worsens, it destroys cell walls, corroding veins and arteries and eventually entire organs. 

Raising the body's pH by drinking ionized alkaline water gives a boost to the immune system and a better chance to fight off viruses and bacteria. Eating raw vegetables and fruits, and drinking herbal teas with lemon along with drinking six to eight glasses of ionized, alkaline water daily is a proven formula for disease prevention. 

Alkal-Life Water System- Disease prevention for you and your family, decreased acidity promotes weight loss, fountain of youth- slow the aging process- say no to fatigue- reduce waste and heal the planet

The Five Ingredients To Optimal Health With Alkal-Life Water 

Optimal Health- The five ingredients to optimal health with alkal-life water. A powerful antioxidant, alkalizing action, detoxifying and cleaning, super hydration, bring your body back to balance when you take your first refreshing sip of alkal-life water. Optimal health begins when Alkal-life water turns your acidic, polluted, chlorinated tap water into healthy ionized alkaline water
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