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The King BioMat 7000mx

King size (72.65" x 77.81" x 1")


Canadians Pay No Duty. PST & GST Charged On Delivery

Clear window reveals the beauty of the hand cut and tumbled amethyst crystals. Includes dual controller with variable heat settings, 100% cotton quilted cover and zippered storage bag 

BioPillow sold separately (two amethyst pillows suggested).

BioMat King 7000mx by Richway
All BioMats include a washable 100% cotton cover that protects the BioMat and disperses the heat evenly. It's also is anti microbial to ensure your BioMat is kept clean and virus and bacteria free
Having 2 BioPillows with the king size bioMat bed is recommended for a peaceful restful sleep experience. Keeps the head cool and in a good ergonomic position


Dimensions: 71″x 79″x 1″

Weight: 73 lbs (without controller)

Temperature Range: 95F-158F / 35C-70C

Electric Consumption: 360W

Voltage: 120V AC (or 240V AC on request)

Natural Amethyst Crystal: 44.5  (tumbled into 5mm-12mm pieces)

Shipping Dimensions: 81″ x 32″ x 11″

Shipping Weight: 85 lbs

Includes two heat zones, so that each person is comfortable at the level they choose

BioMat 7000mx King Size Bed
BioMat King 7000mx to fit your king size bed at home. Sleep on the luxurious King BioMat bed and enjoy a restful nights sleep
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